Al-Jubail School​

Al Jubail 35816, Saudi Arabia
Classrooms are equipped with smart boards, projectors, modern teaching tools, and early childhood learning centers, all designed to meet international educational standards.
Our library provides an array of age-appropriate books aiding in the students development of more knowledge.
We have a well equipped auditorium and gymnasium, as well as outdoor play areas, and more.

Classrooms are filled with age-appropriate learning materials for the children to explore. Our classrooms have theme-based learning centers that include: dramatic play areas, reading book sitting areas, writing corners, building blocks corners, art corners, as well as a home corner. Classrooms are also equipped with smart boards, projectors, modern teaching tools.

Our modern and safe outdoor playground is the best place where our students can play and have fun. Our playground is equipped with a new play structure that has 5 slides, 4 swings, cars, a see-saw, a merry go round, and climbing structures. All these facilities help our children develop their social, emotional and gross motor skills while enjoying the outdoors!

Our indoor gymnasium provides a year-round play space where the children can ride cars, jump on the trampoline, play ball, run and play with their friends. Weekly physical education classes such as bowling, Zumba dance and other extracurricular activities are also held in our indoor playroom.