Our Schools

Dhahran Buds International Schools admits any student who has satisfied the English and Mathematics entrance placement test and interview. Admission requirements for KG1 specify that the child must be at least 3 years of age, 4 years of age for KG2, and 5 years of age for KG3. For those students entering grade 1, they must be at least 5 years and 9 months according to requirements set out by the Ministry of Education (Saudi Arabia). Documentation of all applicants must have the Ministry of Education’s approval before admission can take place. Admitted students will then be orientated to the school through information sessions and a tour and informed about the fees and method of payment. 

KG1 SR 18,000/year
KG2 SR 19,000 /year
KG3 SR 20,000/year
Grade 1 SR 22,000/year
Grade 2 SR 23,000/year
Grade 3 SR 24,000/year

*VAT not included