About Us

What makes Dhahran Buds unique?

  • Specialized Early Childhood Education atypical of K-12 schools.
  • International Advisory Board.
  • Longer learning hours with adequate breaks.
  • State-of-the-art teaching tools and equipment.
  • Well trained staff with ongoing training.
  • Lower student to teacher ratio.
  • Compulsory safety standards.
  • Physical activities tailored for small groups.
  • Convenient locations to serve you.

International Advisory Board

Charleen Stokes is a Canadian whose diverse background in the helping professions includes: early childhood education, child care, health care, education, counseling, social services, social work, special education, consultancy, and philanthropy. Her vast experiences spans across every Canadian province and territory, as well as 65 countries throughout every continent of the world but Antarctica. She has been living between Canada and the world for the past 30 years.
Ms. Rising is an American self-employed education consultant based in California, USA. She has been supporting the development of schools and providing necessary training in this role for the past eight years. Her experiences in education extends over 17 years when she first worked as Curriculum Develop/Workshop Facilitator for Cal Poly University in California; these including Montessori Elementary and Secondary Education Program Advisor of Maya Education in Hanoi, Vietnam, Head of School/Montessori Coordinator for LePort Schools in California, and Regional Manager/Education Facilitator at Dehesa Charter School in California. She was also a Principal in the San Francisco Unified School District.
Mrs. Nimeh Al Wahsh is the principal of Dhahran Buds where she has been for the past year. Mrs. Nimeh’s dedication to the field of education spans 38 years. This includes 20 years as the principal of Manarat International School, and 12 years at Dhahran Ahliyya Schools with smaller stints in Jordan and the United Arab Emirates.
Noah Buria is an American who having taught in 16 countries around the world is passionate about international education. He majored in English education for his bachelor’s degree, completed a master’s degree in creative writing, and is currently pursuing a master’s in international development. He also holds a Cambridge CELTA teaching certification and a TEFL certificate geared toward young learners.