Terms & Conditions

  • Following are the tuition fee for various grade levels:
Grade Level Annual Fee First Semester Fee Second Semester Fee
KG1 SR 18,000 SR 9, 000 SR 9, 000
KG2 SR 20,000 SR 10,000 SR 10,000
KG3 SR 22,000 SR 11,000 SR 11,000
Grade 1 SR 24,000 SR 12,000 SR 12,000
Grade 2 SR 24,000 SR 12,000 SR 12,000
Grade 3 SR 24,000 SR 12,000 SR 12,000
  1. The fee includes the cost of books and necessary academic consumables for the instructions
  2. It does not include courier charges
  3. It does not include VAT
  4. Dhahran Buds is offering 30% discount on the above fee for the
  5. Dhahran Buds Online program for year 2020-21.
  1. The tuition fee will be paid in two equal installments. the first installment is required to be paid at the time of the registration.
  2. The registration of any student will not be official unless the first installment is paid.
  1. 10% discount for first sibling
  2. 15% discount for second sibling
  3. 20% discount for third sibling
  4. The discount is on the tuition fee only
  1. The program requires that the child has a smart device at home with internet connection. Dhahran Buds will recommend the best specification. These devices are not included in the fee.
  2. Instructions to connect to the classes will be provided. The parents are supposed to connect it for the child. In case of any difficulty, Dhahran Buds may offer help to fix the problems.
  3. The parents are required to follow the instructions provided by Dhahran Buds staff time to time.