Mrs. Nimeh Al Wahsh

School Principal, Dhahran Buds

Mrs. Nimeh Al Wahsh is the principal of Dhahran Buds where she has been for the past year. Mrs. Nimeh’s dedication to the field of education spans 38 years. This includes 20 years as the principal of Manarat International School and 12 years at Dhahran Ahliyya Schools with smaller stints in Jordan and the United Arab Emirates.

Mrs. Nimeh has a Masters in Methodology from the University of London. She received her teaching credential from the University of Jordan, along with her Bachelors of Arts in English and Sociology.

In addition to being a principal and teacher, Mrs. Nimeh’s experiences also includes providing professional development and coaching for teachers, school staff, and parents throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. She has also conducted numerous workshops for supervisors at the Ministry of Education (KSA), and has translated many books targeted for successful education. Mrs. Nimeh was an active member of TARA and TOYC, and is an active member of Cognia.

Along with her teachers and staff, she works hard to continue the legacy of success by building strong relationships with parents, students and the community.