Dhahran Buds Online

Where the program is being offered?


The program is offered in all the cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, State of Kuwait, Kingdom of Bahrain.

Why Dhahran Buds Online is unique?

The Dhahran Buds Online  program is carefully designed under the supervision of our highly acclaimed International Advisory Board. It aims to provide the normal classroom experience and benefits to the child whilst the child is in the safety of home. The instructions are done by our trained teachers who engage with the students live. The session lengths have been selected based on the productive attention span and guidelines of child’s safe exposure to the screens. The schedule is punctuated with physical activities to keep the students active and to minimize the negative effects of screen exposure. 

Students to teacher ratio is controlled. Also, the students are distributed into smaller groups. These smaller groups engage in group activities. This fosters the social engagement that is normally missing in typical distance learning programs. 

The students conduct multi-day project done with the help of the parents and supervise and guided by the teachers. 

Another unique feature of the Dhahran Buds Online program is that the teaching material, worksheets, homework etc are delivered at your doorstep. Once the homework/worksheets are completed, our dedicated courier collects them back and returns after they have been graded, just like in regular school.

Last but not the least, the program has adequate emphasis on Arabic and Islamic elements.

How does Dhahran Buds Online work?

  • Dhahran Buds Online program combines a teacher-student engagement with highly interactive online learning.
  • It creates a near classroom experience.
  • Lessons are delivered through a third-party video chatting application system.
  • The length of the sessions and breaks are designed keeping best ECE practices.
  • The worksheets and teaching material are delivered at home and then collected from home through a dedicated courier.
  • Brief, simple, clear, and easy-to-follow instructions for the parents.
  • Easily accessible IT help through phone.
  • Specially designed supervised activities for smaller groups.
  • Specially designed online supervised physical activities.
  • Regular project work done at home under teacher’s guidance.
  • Emphasis of Arabic and Islamic elements.
  • Easy access for parent and teacher/staff feedback and communication.

Benefits of Dhahran Buds Online-Arabic

Benefits of Dhahran Buds Online-English

Dhahran Buds Online Program is offered with 30% discount on the regular tuition fee for academic year 2020-21.


KG1 SR 12,600/year
KG2 SR 14,000 /year
KG3 SR 15,400/year
Grade 1 SR 16,800/year
Grade 2 SR 16,800/year
Grade 3 SR 16,800/year

Fees include books, teaching material, courier charges. VAT not included

Contact us now for more information and how to get started:

  • +966 500 30 2626
  • +966 500 30 2626
  • info@dhahranbuds.com