Ms. Charleen Stokes


Charleen Stokes is a Canadian whose diverse background in the helping professions includes: early childhood education, child care, health care, education, counseling, social services, social work, special education, consultancy, and philanthropy. Her vast experiences spans across every Canadian province and territory, as well as 65 countries throughout every continent of the world but Antarctica. She has been living between Canada and the world for the past 30 years.

Some of Charleen’s experience in education respectively includes: teaching an intensive English and medicine program at King Khalid University in Abha, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, creating a professional teacher development program in China, re-creating (and supervising) after-school programs in Canada, creating a modified math and language arts program for special education programs in Canada, creating the position of and performing the duties of First Nations Home/School Coordinator at both elementary and secondary schools in Canada, teaching study tour programs in Australia, educating the less fortunate in Kenya, creating curriculum for early learners in Japan, to fulfilling a multi-faceted educator and counselor role at an international school in Uganda.

While Charleen attests the world as being her greatest education, she has certificates and diplomas in early childhood education, social work, paralegal assistant, TESOL, teaching, health care aide, social services, animal sciences, and in other fields such as fashion, travel/tourism, and journalism. Her background is as diverse as her interests in helping schools and educators around the world. Charleen completed her undergraduate degree in general studies with an arts and science concentration. She presently studies for her Master of Arts degree in interdisciplinary studies with a double focus in cultural studies and writing and new media.